Life in Paradise

Day 2 Saturday – 11:49 PM

I excessively freaked out about a shark yesterday. In the late afternoon a bunch of us went out to the reef. The reef consists of about 100 yards of mid-calf deep water separated from the main ocean by a barrier reef. We were just kind of walking around and talking, and Hans mentioned that sometimes baby sharks would ride the surf up into the shallows and eat fish. Just as he said that he looked out and there were some out there.

Some of us wanted to get closer and see them, and a long story short I ended up about 15 feet from one was, and was swimming and came really close to me. I yelled and yelled again. But the shark was gone. That thing was so fast that it was about five feet from me and gone by the time I could yell. It was amazing.

Today, I cleaned and went to the airport to greet the rest of our group and pick up one of them. Since the house is on a Motu (a little island that once was reef) and the airport is on another, we take a boat. It is really strange to get sprayed with water that is salty.

It was good to see everyone and once we got back I grabbed my computer and hopped back into the boat and went with Hans and Bertrian to the main island to checkout the internet. Long story short, I still don’t know what is gone on with the internet. It sucks. (<- Pray for internet). After that, I came back, played chess (okay, lost at chess), helped more with the internet, helped cook, and helped fix the water pressure pumps. Came back and played more chess (okay, lost even more at chess), played cards, and just kicked it with some really cool people. Now I am tired and am going to bed. See you later!

6 thoughts on “Life in Paradise

  1. Zinger

    Dude, I am soooo stinking jealous. If you are not taking a ton of pictures I am not speaking to you when you get back. Have a blast. Seriously. Tell Jordan I said hi.

  2. Lindsey

    Yay!!! I am glad that you are alive!! It sounds like you are having a great time!! I will pray for internet and apparently that you receive grace in chess? 😉

  3. stefani!

    Sharks aren’t too scary.
    You have to say that to yourself, or else swimming gets a little uncomfortable.
    Have an amazing adventure-filled trip! say hi to the Pacific for me.


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