New York City

My introduction to New York City was a white-out automated landing. I didn’t see the ground until we were about 50 feet above it. Little did I know, I was on one of the last planes to land at JFK. Blissfully unaware, I wander to my gate, went and found Panda Express and enjoyed some delicious food.

I looked at the display and saw that my flight to Buffalo was canceled.
I quickly got in like at the help desk and the wonderful ticket agent told me that all the flight to Buffalo were canceled/booked till Sunday, but managed to get a ticket on a flight to Toronto, saving my girlfriend the planned drive to Buffalo to pick me up. The only catch was it was in like three hours at the other New York airport, LaGuardia.

I hopped on a shuttle and then got in line at the Delta ticket counter and was there for forty minutes before I got to the counter. During that time, of course, the flight I was trying to get on was canceled. Then I had to go talk with the WestJet counter. There I had to wait for a while until I was helped, which then resulted in me standing off to the side for 40 minutes before getting taken over to the Delta counter to get a new flight the next morning at 6:15 am. I then found out that weather isn’t a reason for the airline to pay for a hotel.

After pondering trying to meet up with a friend who was in downtown, I was just too tired and stressed to worry about it, so I got a hotel room near the airport. By this time, the fog lifted and I got my first, small view of the the city:


After waking up at the ungodly hour of 4 am, I went to the airport with a bus load of people and got in the Delta line and they said I needed to get into the WestJet line. After waiting some more, I finally got a ticket. For a flight that is now delayed to 8:55 am.

I’m now in the terminal waiting. I know I haven’t technically been to New York City, but the first impression I’ve had with it hasn’t been that great. Maybe next time.

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