Friday January 28, 2005

I bought a joystick today, and my favorite game will not play on my computer!!! I am sad! I think the sound card it the only thing that doesn’t work. I want to play TIE Fighter. It is soo fun. I miss it. Well I am going to go and play X-wing Alliance. I will have to do.

5 thoughts on “Friday January 28, 2005

  1. tranquilwater

    Andrew. I have watched my cousins deteriorate into fat lards with glassy eyes over such things. And you can do nothing but trail along behind them? (Melissa, don’t mention the fact that most of our cousin are 6′ tall and 125 pounds….just a minor detail anyway)

  2. simplyworshipper

    wow i’m so jealous you get to go to mexico! you will have fun though!! you’ve been there before, right? i have been there 3 times and a 4th this summer I think… we were gonna go this Feb but I can’t cuz I already missed too much school:( well i hope you have a blessed time and make an impact!! i wanna hear about it, k? and sorry my site is hard to read but can’t you ppl just highlight it!? i really like pink! hahaha anyway talk to you soon! love ya, suzy 🙂


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