Monthly Archives: January 2005

Thursday January 27, 2005

Waitress: “Would you care for a cup of coffee?”
Pig: “If it need me and no other family member would take it in.”
Waitress: “… Is that a yes?”
Pig “Yes.”
Pig then cradles the coffee mug and shushes it.

I love pearls before swine.

Tuesday January 25, 2005

Ahhhhhhh! All because I don’t know my adjusted gross  income from 2003! I found out my old asvab scores, I did pretty good in most areas, but horrible in three or so. Oh yeah, 6 years ago I took that test. I was doing my taxes online and trying to get my refund as fast as I could and during one of the pages it asked me for my adjusted gross income from 2003. I didn’t remember if I kept my w2s from last year when I moved. While I was looking I had a nice stroll down memory lane. Saw some stuff that I drew in 8th grade, and some of my drafting. Crazy, I didn’t seem to be able to write in block print. I don’t think I could do it now any better. I don’t remember what else I was going to go say in this post, so bye.

Sunday January 23, 2005

Happy Birthday! Today is my sister’ 20th birthday. I just had to make her feel loved otherwise she would get mad at me.

Right now I am listening to Seth Parks live from One Thing. I need to finish the dvd so I could get it back to Mona.

Redding was cool, there was crowd surfing, organized by the speaker. “Seven feet tall and depressingly handsome,” “she was shaking and we were scared. And she wouldn’t stop so we went and got some Chalk[spelling] Ice and watched her.”

But God is just so cool, he showed me some cool stuff about leadership and just being in love with him.

Has anyone else heard of a poet-gardener?