Sunday January 23, 2005

Happy Birthday! Today is my sister’ 20th birthday. I just had to make her feel loved otherwise she would get mad at me.

Right now I am listening to Seth Parks live from One Thing. I need to finish the dvd so I could get it back to Mona.

Redding was cool, there was crowd surfing, organized by the speaker. “Seven feet tall and depressingly handsome,” “she was shaking and we were scared. And she wouldn’t stop so we went and got some Chalk[spelling] Ice and watched her.”

But God is just so cool, he showed me some cool stuff about leadership and just being in love with him.

Has anyone else heard of a poet-gardener?

8 thoughts on “Sunday January 23, 2005

  1. klayman_14

    guess what….. that shaking story was hilarious.. i liked it too… yeah God has been so awesome lately… “revelations”…. remember that girl who was hiccuping… i laugh every time i think about it…… bye

  2. grmfo18

    ok… i didn’t choose my job.. as freshman they just kinda give us jobs… and i ended up with housekeeping. it’s been very challenging because i have to get up early and clean toilets and stuff… but God is definitely teaching me a lot though it. It’s amazing how little things like that can be used in so many ways to glorify God! so yeah, i’m not off my rocker:)


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