Tuesday February 28, 2006

I bought a CD today. Off of iTunes. Andrew would remember the “Are You The Walrus” song. Well I got that CD. It also has “Fluorescent Jellyfish” on it. Yep…

I also got the firefly season to work on my computer. Stupid thing worked on my work computer no problem, but my home one? Sheesh…  Now all I need to do is get the pilot episode. And some how get the sound to play in Quicktime. Then the fun begins…

Oh and my last post was one that I ended up writing it three times. This was the first, myspace the second, and 360 is the best and most honest.

I like this picture

8 thoughts on “Tuesday February 28, 2006

  1. Liv2005

    That doesnt really look like you…..your not really and emo are you? well, i guess i`ll see you at andrews party…and maybe you can tell me about how you “died” 🙂 lol, ttyl


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