Monthly Archives: February 2006

Thursday February 23, 2006

Seen something that pushed and pulled at your heart? The feeling of the explosion coming, the one that will leave you scattered in pieces? The sight is now compounded with fear of the pain of your soon to be shattered heart.

I have looked. I have seen what came inches from breaking my heart and I have turned away. Blocked it out. Denied it.

But now, as I approach the event horizon of my heart more often. I remember what I have heard, what I have read, what I fear must be truth. Broken hearts rend the heavens and move the earth.

I stand now and look for the next time I stand on the threshold.

May our hearts break and bleed.

Saturday February 18, 2006

I can’t hear out of my left ear. But boy, God was awesome. Is awesome. Is awesome to me. For some reason I am not that tired. Maybe I am and just hyped up on Mountain Dew.  Two hours of sleep and I am more awake and aware than if I had three. But as I sit and type this, I ponder but what to do after this. I have to master the audio, then I have no clue of what to do. It is Satuday and all my homies are probably having a ball without me, but that is life. Maybe if I get lucky I can hang out with my FSTS friends. Or something, maybe coworkers. Well I should be getting to paying attention, Dani is wrapping up her testimony and moving to her message.