Saturday February 18, 2006

I can’t hear out of my left ear. But boy, God was awesome. Is awesome. Is awesome to me. For some reason I am not that tired. Maybe I am and just hyped up on Mountain Dew.  Two hours of sleep and I am more awake and aware than if I had three. But as I sit and type this, I ponder but what to do after this. I have to master the audio, then I have no clue of what to do. It is Satuday and all my homies are probably having a ball without me, but that is life. Maybe if I get lucky I can hang out with my FSTS friends. Or something, maybe coworkers. Well I should be getting to paying attention, Dani is wrapping up her testimony and moving to her message.

9 thoughts on “Saturday February 18, 2006

  1. Passive_Spastic

    We didn’t do anything except stupid halo.  Halo is like myspace, it will rot your brain and eventually cause the downfall of society.  Today though I could have used some creative ideas, did nothing.  Really nothing. 

  2. pray2day89

    HEY!!!! I did not get to say good bye πŸ™ you where SO busy (or just posting ;)but it was an awesome week end,wish I could have seen more of you,not your face stuck in the computer :p ttyl.bye!

  3. ccfilms

    I wasn’t able to say goodbye to you either….. Tabitha and Cheryl wanted to invite you to dinner with us, but I didn’t have your cell phone. That would’ve been rad. I wanted you to come toooooooo.


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