Monthly Archives: October 2004

Sunday October 24, 2004

So I figure it is time for a new post. Nothing is new really, I worked yesterday and I think it wasn’t cold enough to barbeque 150 racks of ribs and 45 tri-tips. I was soo hot.
Natalie’s wedding was okay, it was pretty I guess. It was in Merced, kind of downtown. I thought it was an odd location for a bed and breakfast. The house there was nice though. The dj was a little better than the one at Elizabeth’s wedding, this one didn’t feed back and kept the levels low. But he was corny, always feeling like he had to say something. “Remember, congress just passed a law that says that calories and carbs at weddings don’t count. So you on the atkins and you who are dieting, eat up!”

Thursday October 21, 2004

Doing laundry at my parents’ house, for free. Yah baby!. That is seven buck in my pocket!. So with all this time on my hands, I am cruzing around myspace and xanga and now I am going to go watch some tv. Haven’t done that in a while. Going to go check out the new screensavers. Hope it is good.