Monthly Archives: March 2006

Thursday March 23, 2006

Okay, that is one darn tootin’ good movie there. Amy and Andrew both need to watch it. Josh and Steven would get a kick out of it too… Crazy.

Anyway so that scripture means that God will help us out emotionally? That kind of lame…  It is cool and all… but still kind of lame. Ah, that is just my personality talking there. There has to be something Samson-ish there too… God isn’t just a fuzzy wazzy god. I’ll have to look a little more.

Tuesday March 21, 2006

That was my fortune from tonight. I read it and said “Duh. Jesus is in my heart, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  But then I started thinking. What the heck does that mean? Really? I mean I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me? What have I done that I could do before? All things? Like fly? That would be cool and a testimony. Heck, Peter walked on water and he didn’t even have Christ in him. Am I smarter? Do I run faster? What the heck does that scripture mean?

Monday March 20, 2006

Wow. Been a long time since I wrote here. A whole five days? Who knows? Who cares? Anywhichway, it snowed like all day. Kind of weird since this morning it wasn’t even cold enough for me to wear my sweatshirt. The roads were nice and dry. I got to work in the normal 12 minutes or so… Coming home I was driving on snow the whole way and it took me about 35 minutes… Yeah, I am so tired of the snow. So pretty, but so is the bottom of a lake. And that is something I haven’t seen in too long….


Well, 18 more days.