Monday December 15, 2003

I will tell the story of the Great Snow War. It starts on a cool December evening in the year two thousand and three. The great nation of worshipers was in a civil war, candy projectiles quickly escalated to snow. But the leader of the nation managed to re-unite the divide people by telling of a way for war hungry to achieve glory. The now united nation will attack the scheming, isolationist country of the Elders. The plan was to catch the Elders off guard. The wise and cunning worship director held a meeting with the Senior Pastor to arrange for the delivery of a Christmas gift. Taking a page from history, the young brave warriors from the Worshiper nation, led by the great General Andrew, sang a Christmas carol to lull the Elders into a false sense of security. At the end of a great rendition of ‘Silent Night,’ the young warriors unleashed the fury of many times their number. The Elders were caught off guard. But the victory wasn’t easy; the Elders regrouped with speed that comes only with experience. The great General Andrew’s armies fell back to the safety of the battlements after the General’s cry of “Run away,” in a Monty Python fashion. The heavy artillery of the Worshipers shelled the Elder nation in to retreat and left the Senior Pastor with a swollen lip and the worshipers with the victory!

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