The Adventures of Fredy the Flea: Episode 1. “Fredy the Flea vs. the Ninja Grocer”

We find our hero where, well, we didn’t leave him. Instead we find him wrestling with a jar of jam. Raspberry jam. Our short, orange flea loves his raspberry jam. He loves your raspberry jam. He loves ANY raspberry jam. Frustrated, our hero ponders how to open his jam. He envisions a feat of grandeur involving a bottle, a cat, and the mob, but not a stupid flea, he wonders how he is going to get the knife in the jar if the jar is all over his kitchen. So he choose to use his super power, human strength!

Walking to his pantry to find the catalyst for his normal strength, orange soda, nothing happens. Only after opening the pantry he finds out that he has no orange soda! As a rather lazy flea, he’d much rather avoid the hassle of going out, but the love of raspberry jam compels him to put on his jacket and walk to his friendly neighborhood grocery store.

Meanwhile, in a secret underground lair, Fredy’s arch-nemesis was planning a plan of how to rid the world of the “menace” of Fredy the flea. The Great Alflonzo got on his 52′ communicator plasma TV screen (like all super villians he is rich) and contacted an agent in the same area as Fredy.

“Agent, your mission is to infiltrate the friendly neighborhood grocery store and eliminate Fredy the flea. Do it as any way you feel fit.”

The agent agreed to the job, and then went down to the friendly neighborhood grocery store and attacked and tied up the customer-service guru of a grocer and took his apron for a disguise. It was a rather poor disguise, since the Ninja was dressed in his all black outfit (hood included) wearing a green apron on the outside.

“Hello friendly grocer, how is the family?” Fredy asked, walking in, deciding that he would small talk with the grocer this time.

To Fredy’s surprise the grocer answers the question with a scream; “Ninja Grocer Attack!”

Flipping off the Cheerios and crashing a mop on Fredy’s head, the ninja caught our hero off guard. An epic battle ensued, mostly composed of the Fredy running away and the ninja’s battle cry. Luckily for Fredy, a little old lady saw the commotion and phoned the sheriff. The ninja was arrested and Fredy got his soda.

Walking back in to his kitchen, he sees his little sister with an empty jar of raspberry jam. So he sets his soda in his pantry and walks back to the store, hoping that the trip to the store will be more pleasant this time.

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