Monthly Archives: April 2004

Friday April 16, 2004

Well, in Mexicali I gave a few people nicknames (Ben actually started it). I think that I can remember them.

Katie is “K-Mac o ha-ha” (all of them end in the same way, like from fnding nemo)

Amy is “mac-ity mac mac o ha-ha”

Ben is “Zorkon o ha-ha” ( I think)

Andrew is “lion hunter o ha-ha”. He also got another nickname from the second week as “gomer”

Josh is “Iceman o ha-ha”

Josh Porter is “PO-PO o ha-ha”

I cant remember any more, except that Ryan donesn’t get one, and mine is “Mudman o ha-ha” and the “Pyle” to Andrew’s “Gomer”

I am tired and my thoughts arn’t that cohereant, but I know it is good to go to the bathroom where you can put toilet paper in the toilet.

Wednesday April 14, 2004

Well, I stuccoed today. I will let you mind wander. I let mine go and it stayed in cuernavaca. Kind of sucks because I am in Ensenada. Miss my friends and my bed. I should be home on Saturday, I expect a welcome home party at my house. The IT guy said that they were having problems with the internet and that it might not all be my fault. Mud-man oo ha-ha signing out!