Wednesday April 14, 2004

Well, I stuccoed today. I will let you mind wander. I let mine go and it stayed in cuernavaca. Kind of sucks because I am in Ensenada. Miss my friends and my bed. I should be home on Saturday, I expect a welcome home party at my house. The IT guy said that they were having problems with the internet and that it might not all be my fault. Mud-man oo ha-ha signing out!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday April 14, 2004

  1. klayman_14

    your in ensenada?!?!?! did you go to casa esperanza in maneadero?….. wow.. how are you guys?!tell andrew i said hi! i was just at his site but i’m too lazy to go back again….oh well i will anyway…bye

  2. Kami_01

    I would love to throw you a welcome home party, but I don’t know where you live… I hope you are having fun, I hate to stay away from my bed for more than a week.


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