Friday August 20, 2004

If you ever go to my church, don’t mention the name “Misty Edwards.” Any intercessor with in a hundred yards will gasp, get a distant look in their eyes, then sigh the her name. After that they will come running and talk to you. And speaking of intercessors, I figured out why they are so scary. It is that they are light years ahead of us in their prayer lives. So they know that it is okay to jump and pray on a trampoline. Crazy intercessors gymnasts.

5 thoughts on “Friday August 20, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    I have never heard of Misty Edwards. I guess there is a serious breach in my education. And you’re right… you don’t need an elevator for a lot of those things… I think it’s more freaky tho b/c you’re in an enclosed space with no way to get away from the wierdo. *beats forehead* shuttup! all of you SHUT UP!!!   😀


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