Friday August 6, 2004

Do you think that God talks to us and we don’t listen? But our sub-conscience does? So we dream about what God is telling us because it is what is running though our minds?

8 thoughts on “Friday August 6, 2004

  1. NoInformationProvided

    well.. a lot of dreams were interpreted in the old testament. Though the people having them weren’t the ones that understood them. I’m not really sure God talks to us in our dreams or not. But if you’re not listening to God that’s your choice. If you’re not sure it’s God who’s speaking.. it may not be because John says that we are the sheep who hear the shepards voice and only His voice, we don’t recognize that of a stranger’s. So that only leaves you to ask how much you want to be a sheep, and if you are. If God wants something of your life.. it will be more sure and solidified to you than a dream. That is my personal take. I’d personally be pretty terrified if God spoke to me in a dream.. my dreams are pretty psycadelic. Anyway… have a good night.


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