Monday November 15, 2004

So I think it is time for a long post. I have been having, well, a good time with God. I guess I just feel His love more yesterday and today then I have in a while. I have been reading my bible more, reading it every night, something that I have been neglecting. I “got” some cds and well they are helping my general mood, mostly the new Supertones CD and the Newsboys CD. The Supertones CD is well, still got the “new”sound from their Hi-Fi Revival CD but more reggae, and not as repetitive just over all smoother. It also seems to pay more attention to the vocal melody than their other CDs. Some of them almost seem to sound like hymns. It is still no Adventures and seems to depart from the classical Supertones, but it is a good CD even though. And the Newsboys are bringing back some memories. I am leaving it at that.

If you haven’t read lady_pinkerton’s xanga yet you should.

Random thought are now flowing out, my head is so full I can’t seem to put the thought in logical order.

Now that I wrote that, they all went away.

3 thoughts on “Monday November 15, 2004

  1. beautiful_letdown17

    Wow that is so awesome that your walk with God is tight right now! It’s amazing how hard we make it. I know that for me when I feel distant from God, it takes me awhile to realize that I was the one to walk away from God. He was there all along. Anyway, you post was encouraging! I am going to read my bible everyday!!!! At least I am gonna try! lol. thanks man!




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