Monday September 13, 2004

Yeah, that is right! I was watching Smallville. I was at the McGrady’s. Yep, a fun time at the McGrady’s. We ate, most of us, then worshipped, and prayed. My hand smells like the Locked Garden stuff that Mona and Penny use. It brings back memories. He he, Palm Springs. Anyway, Katie wouldn’t give me my present, but since I have waited a month, I can wait another year.
So I am apparently going to Cambodia some time. I don’t know when but I have an idea. I will be in YWAM, just minding my own buisness, planning to spend my mission trip in some latin country. Then BLAM! It gets cancelled, and the only trip left is the Cambodian one.

Lord help me not to bury my talents in the ground.

8 thoughts on “Monday September 13, 2004

  1. Ducky1

    hey! don’t you go dissing cambodia!
    got some beautiful people there… and I’m sure you’ll be blessed beyond waht you can imagine. it’s one of those things. kind of a mix between God’s sense of humor and Murphy’s laws. 😀
    anyway… again, cambodia roxxorz. imaginary numbers don’t.

  2. klayman_14

    umm…. you should do missions.. i think you should go to this place called.. uhhh.. i seem to have troubles remembering the name…ummm cambodia or somthing like that… yeah ..thats it.. cambodia!

  3. IceAngelGA

    oh, come on! you know you want some packer football!!
    (and how pathetic is this… I didn’t even get to see my packers play because I had a paper due so I had to do that instead of watching my boys)

  4. k8tmcgrady

    smallville rocks, especially when it preceeds turning you down for the hundredth time on your africa present.  go to cambodia, like i told you too!  wait, sky dive in cambodia, and the people are beautiful.


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