Thursday May 20, 2004

I stole this from a site, it is part of “Troy in fifteen minutes”

ODYSSEUS: If there’s one thing we Greek heroes hope, it’s that you remember us.


ODYSSEUS: …That’s not exactly what I meant.

Well, I find it funny.


More thievery, Microsoft pickup lines.

You and I are like Windows ’98 and Internet Explorer. The Department of Justice can’t even keep us apart.

You and I go together like Microsoft and Intel.

I’ll keep loving you as long as there are buggy Microsoft operating systems.

I’m kind of like Windows ’95 except you’ve already pressed my Start button.

Unlike Windows 2000, all the hype I’ve been hearing about you is true.

I wonder if they work


I just keep stealing things, this one if from a site that lists the writing on the wall in bathrooms.

University College Dublin
Library building
Dublin IRELAND 01
Women’s restroom, 2nd floor

Written on the left wall:

look right

Written on the right wall:

look left


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