10 thoughts on “Thursday November 4, 2004

  1. Rockstar37

    yes, maybe….Convince God of something different? You mean changing his mind? yes…Moses did..he convinced God to change his mind about destroying a city, giving it one more chance..or was its Gods will and plan for moses to talk back to him????

  2. mmmx3

    our words and concepts are too small to have GOD fit in them like a box.  God liked it when Moses stood up for his people to not be destroyed.  Was that changing God’s will?  And Hannah cried out like crazy and her prayer was answered. Was that changing God’s will?…it is no small thing to change things, and sometimes I feel prayer is what pushes the ‘go button’ on God’s hand.

  3. IceAngelGA

    I like the new site look… and as far as cameras go, what is an “operator valve”? Whatever it is; it needs fixin’. You know; I don’t think this site look is “you”. From what I can tell, you don’t exactly come across as a lime green person. Just a thought.  πŸ˜‰

  4. Passive_Spastic

    God makes himself vunerable to the desires of His people.  With Moses and Hannah I believe that He gave them invitations to a deeper walk, He wants us to be co-laborers with Christ.  Ultimately He wants OUR will to be done, but only through a renewed mind.

  5. calebstud

    Moses did. God wanted to destroy the Isralites and give Moses his own people. Moses cried out to God and ask Him to spare his people and not destroy them and so God did this.


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