Tuesday August 17, 2004

I really wanted someone else besides someone who as heard the song to coment on it, but it is time to move on.

I am so freakin tired.


Why do girls get treated differently then guys when they talk about the opposite sex. Doesn’t “hot” mean “hot”, and isn’t it still lusting? And isn’t lusting go back the the seventh commandment? So lusting is wrong, right? Have I been missing something here? So when a bunch of girls say something like a guy has a hot butt, are they lusting? Isn’t that the same as when a guy says “She has some nice boobs?” What am I missing? Tell me!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday August 17, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    Yes, the difference between how lust is treated between girls and guys bothers me. It’s like everyone says that guys struggle with lust, and I think a lot of people naturally assume that girls don’t have that problem. And for a while, I would think/say things that were lustful, but assume that since I was a girl it wasn’t lust. I realize now how totally screwed up that is, and I feel bad for guys because of this bias. It is true that guys are “wired differently” and all that, so that perhaps they do tend to be more lustful. But girls have that problem too… and I think that if it were more recognized then things would get better. It’s so hard to know. But you’re not missing anything… lust is lust, no matter what sex you are.


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