Tuesday July 20, 2004

     So, this has been crazy. I rode in a car for 9 hours to play two songs.  It was a hundred and ten most of the days. The septic backed up and while they were trying to dig out they (well all know it was Nate) hit the water main. And being scared on the ride home with some crazy people, it was stressful. But frecking awesome! God was so awesome and that is all I need for a good trip.
     So I left on Sat. with Nate around 3:30. And we both drank some Bawls on empty stomachs (Bad idea), Stopped around Fresno at an In-n-out  (http://in-n-out.com/) where I killed 6 flies in a row. (They were taunting me! They would keep landing on my shoulder! Didn’t they realize I an a deadly killing machine? Wait, that is redundant. Just a deadly machine. Or maybe a Killing machine? I don’t know which one I like better)  We also stopped at a Taco Bell and a Del Taco. We arrived at Father’s Heart Ranch (http://www.fathersheartint.org/fh/pages/ranch.asp)  around 1, (We got lost) we took communion and I went to bed. Woke up about 7:30 and took a shower, ate some food, loaded up and went to the church. I thought worship was awesome but we only got to do two songs. Got back to the ranch and we all relaxed and slept. We had to order pizza for everyone because the kitchen was full of smelly water. We kind of had an little concert for the boys and a family that came from the church. After that around nine I went in to the E house and sat in one of the most wonderful and horrible places. There were two groups of people talking about their mission trips and about God. And I couldn’t decide which one to listen to. I heard about feeding people in africa and about Katie in India. And I heard a name that makes me happy, Heidi Baker. Anyway after an hour or two, we went to go get some starbuck.
     So I was in the front seat, Dave was driving, the King girls and KC were in the back singing, and Mona, Penny and Lynda were in the middle. Let me tell you about them crazy women. They have been soaking in the presence of the Lord for about three days and they could not get enough! So they were praying for eachother for the forty minutes that it took us to get to a open starbuck. They would go “to the right!” and all lay hands on the person to the right, then the would go “to the left!”. One point, Penny goes “hey, we make a circuit!” so she proceeds to stick her foot out and touches David. David yells and pulls away, “I am trying to drive here” he says. At starbuck we talk about trying to steal a chair and picture David running down the street yelling and holding a starbucks chair over his head. On the way back to the ranch, Mona, starts yelling “My toes are on fire! My toes are on fire! I am shooting flames out of my toes! Why are my sandels still on? I am going to light them on fire!”
    The next day at the ranch there was no water. And David had to go pick up the bling-bling catillac that he was given, so a few of us went out and saw all of what Palm Springs had to offer. (Oh yah, Nate and I tried to do that the day before, but we couldn’t find anything). After that we talked about what Penny and the ‘PJ Project’ ( I coined that) should do. Like maybe a ministry of going around and playing in other churches.. We also prayed for Ann, Nate’s mom (Nate is moving down there). So in short ( I am losing steam and I have alot of stuff to talk about) we left at 3:30. And the ride home was kind of scary and funny at the same time. Mona and Penny were going in deep with God, I just want to share this before i go, Mona was wanting Penny to “Shut up and kiss him (God)” and Penny didn’t quite so at a stop sign, Mona just leans over and places both of her hands on Penny and just prays the fire of God down on her. And Penny went out. Then the van was quiet. It was so funny. But I don’t think that you would quite understand exactly how funny it was unless you were me.

So, um… yah… [leaves room]

[sticks head back in] oh, the new word is “hot” [leaves for good]

5 thoughts on “Tuesday July 20, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    haha, well that sounds like some pretty great and crazy fun! And what do you mean our story is no “Freddy the Flea”?? πŸ˜› Actually they’re a lot alike in the sense that our story is made up almost entirely of inside jokes (including the finger armor… there was actually a guy at my church wearing finger armor on his middle finger… and his name was William… thus…) [so anyway] lol!

  2. NoInformationProvided

    “losing control of my life”.. you’d mentioned, in answer to my quesiton, that you were afraid of your own control. I found it a little funny you’d say that.. seems as though a lot of people have been talking to me about that. One comfort you should have.. is that you’re not the one that’s controlling your life. Who better than to control your actions and thoughts (with His counsel) than the almighty Father Himself?

    Jeremiah 29:11-13- “for I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future”… you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


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