Tuesday November 2, 2004

Am I apapthetic? I call it trusting God, but is it really just laziness? Can I contend with the Almighty One or do I just not care?


I got my gift!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! *happy dance* Woot!!!!!!!! I think it might have gotten to me faster if Katie mailed it, but isn’t it so cute?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday November 2, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    I think that you have to have some idea of a direction and a plan for going that direction. It is possible to live your life and plan things out and still trust God, and just be open to change. Just a thought. But apathy is a horrible way to go through life. Make a plan. Follow the plan. Be ready to change your plan if God tells you differently.

  2. GazingThroughGrey

    Yeah that’s cute. Monkeys are cooler but whatever floats your boat. My friends usually do have my best interests, but I don’t know. They’re the ones who got me interested in him in the first place. They were ALL running around screaming that he wants to go out with me, and that I should go out with him. I can’t really help that.

  3. mmmx3

    gifts are cool.  Apathy…being content:  BIG difference.  Here is a question for you:  Does it take faith to live YOUR life right now? 


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