Tuesday September 7, 2004

So what I think is a little odd that every one thinks that the state of our government matters. Here me out on this. That everyone should work hard and change the way our governmet is. Isn’t our government a government of the people? I feel that with a nation of holy people, the government will then change. So we need to change the people before the government will change. Or can we really impose a spiritual government on a non-spiritual people?

12 thoughts on “Tuesday September 7, 2004

  1. NoInformationProvided

    deep thoughts friend. But it seems as though the government of people are trying to change our thoughts. I recently received an e mail saying they are now trying to pass a bill call “the kennedy smith hate-crimes bill”. If passed it will be a federal offense to publicly criticize the homosexual lifestyle. Though I personally do not believe thought to be any sort of crime, let a lone hate.

     Because of hate crime legislation a pastor is Sweden was sentenced to jail for preaching that homosexuality was wrong..

      so yes.. I very much agree that we need to change the people of government

    as a side note.. I’m voting for Bush..

  2. klayman_14

    i agree with you on this one andrew….

    i think it is illegal in canada as well…

    our pastor gave an awesome message on sunday about homosexuals….

    welp anyway… bye

  3. amethyst10987

    *mouth drops open in disbelief*

    Surely you don’t mean to say that our choice of leaders is inconsequential??!!

    I can see what you are saying – when the people are holy, they will elect a holy leader, and if they are unholy, they will elect a leader as amoral as they are. Still, you can’t think that a leader, holy or unholy, won’t be able to impact a country for better or worse, especially the leader of a country as powerful as the USA!

  4. Passive_Spastic

      I must agree with amethyst10987, if our government continues to descend in morals it will be harder and harder to change the people.  It is logical to take out the leader before you take on the army, cut off the head, don’t start at the feet.  We must damn up the floodgates of immorality and then work on the people, start at the top and work your way down.  You did have a good thought though. 

  5. Calvin_Darge

    Passive, if our government continues to descend in morals, how will it be harder for God to change people’s lives? If you take out a leader, there is always someone else that is there to command. Think more of a revolution rather than a battle. An uprising of the people against the government to implement changes, rather than the government forcing the people to conform.

  6. amethyst10987

    Hmm. We are trying to change our country the wrong way? Or do you simply mean to say that government reform isn’t the most effective way to change the people?

    And you say you think it’s odd when people think that “everyone should work hard and change the way our government is.” Do you agree that the government has power over it’s people? That is, the government can directly or indirectly influence it’s people to do right (or wrong)?

  7. HarpistGrrl

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