Friday April 1, 2005

day five, my day of vbs. tuesday.
i think i will keep up this monotone way of writing until i get finished with mexico.
got up and instead of going to chapel, meghan and i worked out the final kinks out of our craft. got the the church and did our skit, memory verse game, and then our craft. boy, did our craft take long. lots of glueing. most of the kids finished it so that was cool. after vbs, we hung out at the pastor’s house for a while and apparently there was a huge water fight, but i wasn’t there. it was a rather short day for us, we left his house around four thirty and took his son with us to spend the night. andrew bought katie her international peeing funnel, and andrey (the pastor’s son) wore her sweatshirt and we teased him about it. i bought miriam something in the market there, and then katie got stuck in between the banos. i got some good pictures of that. um i went to the chapel, and it was the only one that ment anything to me. we started to scary people by having some of our team jump out of the banos at people. we got in trouble with our neighbors about that and we went to bed.

day six, workday,
i got up and threw out my contacts instead of putting them on. i felt like a dork. and then i had to look like one wearing my glasses. we went to the chapel. i seemed to be going to one chapel a day. we loaded up in our vans afterward and got lost trying to get to a park. we ended up there finally and we went to work. we hoed with shovels, and raked it all up. it too a long time. after which, we went to the showers, shopping, where i bought miriam a tasty pastry. but i realized that it would never get to her, so i ate it. went to walmart and ate some chinese food. it is really weird seeing chinese people are speaking spanish in a heavy chinese accent. went to the pastor’s church and had a night service. saw andrey’s girlfriend, and then we went home and went to bed.

anyway, pearls before swine and dilbert are no longer on my my yahoo page. they aren’t going to carry them anymore. i can see pearls because no one has really heard of them, but dilbert. come on, they had a cartoon show about that. grr.

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  1. IceAngelGA

    wow you bought me something in the market AND food! it must be true love. *princess bride quote here* That is so wrong that they’re not doing dilbert. he’s like the all-american….. dilbert. yeah. goodnight!


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