Friday August 19, 2005

The day is no longer monochromatic, there is now two colors. Blue and green. Everything is blue and green. The trees, the road, even the banks of the red earth are in the shades of blue and green. And everything lacks contrast, just a shadow of the real. The solidarity of the world is to deceive me. My headlights cut a path of pure light, they reveal the truth in the mist. I fly around some corners, and some corners more, everything still bichromatic. Then at the place where the trees dare not stand, and the brush, for all its invasiveness, can’t reach, I can see the whole valley. I can see the sleeping giants of hills and the blue dwarfs of mountains. I can see the little lake named after the bird that dies and is reborn in fire. Which is more like an infection of the stream, a swelling due to a foreign object inserted into its banks… and then I see it, a third color, in the belt of Venus. The first hint of red in the day. A warming of the sky, as if the world froze overnight. But it is only a glimpse; I drive on… A few more minutes and I am turning around the last turn and I look through the gates of work… I see the still sleeping trees and a glimpse of the northern sky. And I see a hint of yellow.

9 thoughts on “Friday August 19, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    blue and green are good colors for a world to be.
    two props for your profile pic. although you get two from me anyway. oh well. And now zinger can stop giving you zero eprops. πŸ˜‰


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