Friday January 14, 2005

Almighty God, I plead Jesus’ blood over my sins and the sins of this nation. End abortion and send revival to America.

I saw a really scary horse online today. At work I moved stuff. First I moved bed frames, then the mattresses for them. Then I moved shelfs, and then curtain rods. Then I moved snow. After the snow was moved, I moved tables. After that I moved more snow. Then I went home. Then I went to worship practice. Then I learned a new song. Then I got home. Then I found out that the song is wrong the way I learned it, for I listened to it again. Then I started to type. Then I finished.

6 thoughts on “Friday January 14, 2005

  1. cho943

    you don’t know me, but i found your blog’ i want to go to redding’ b/c i want to go to redding hehe.  i just finished school there and live in la, but i miss redding very much. God bless~


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