Friday June 24, 2005

Do not dimiss the rumors you hear about yourself as quickly as you should the rumors about others. For there is truth in rumors. Sure, you could never do that thing, but think, why is the rumor still being told? Because there is truth in rumors. No one would venture such a comment in a coversation lest they thought the comment would be taken as truth. They may know other wise, and so may the recepitant, but why do they treat it as truth? Some where deep down they see that it might happen. You never slept with that guy but you do seem to hang out with him a lot, who knows what else you two could be doing? The possiblity of truth is enough for some.  And truth of rumors might be relative, ‘she is selfish,’ may be said because that is all they knew of the person. There is truth in rumors, deep under the surface, but existant still. All I am saying is that if you hear a rumor about yourself, examine yourself, your actions, your attitudes. You might find the truth in them. And with the truth you might be able to end the rumors.

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