Monday August 1, 2005

I hate working on sundays. But if today wasn’t a sunday, I would have had fun. It was a really weird day, it could have been much worse. I almost got in a head-on on the way to work the second time cause I got ten minutes away and realized that I forgot my shoes. Got to work and the water was out. That is just stressful being there a day when that happens. Having to work out how the day is going to work and when I am teaching. But everything kind of got better. I just was tired and it just kept on going. Anyway, I missed going to church and even going swimming. Tomorrow should be easier.

7 thoughts on “Monday August 1, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    shoes? who needs em!
    I love the scene in hitchhikers when all the south americans standing at the foot of the stone jesus are screaming because the vogons are about to destroy all the earth.
    that sounded insensitive. I’d hate for folks to think I’m insensitive.
    oh well.
    hitchhikers guide rocks socks!!!!! raaaH!

  2. IceAngelGA

    I’m glad today will be better. thankyou for the sweet message on my AIM; it made me laugh and smile a lot. I’m worse at night than I am in the morning about putting two thoughts together… we’ve had some pretty trippy night convos, aye? 😉

  3. Passive_Spastic

    Are you and Miriam smoking dope?

    Now you are really stealing my ideas, bows, I have wanted a bow since the day… well it was a day a long time ago before you ever wanted a bow.  I am going to get a bow before you and shoot you with it, pin you up to a tin shed and paint lipstick on you.


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