Monday January 17, 2005

Almighty God, I plead Jesus’ blood over my sins and the sins of this nation. End abortion and send revival to America.

Nothing scary online today. I think. I didn’t really look. I am too tired. But I can see the end. I had to leave church early today to go to work. My sixth day in a row. And tomorrow will be lucky number 7. Tuesday is the day I am looking forward to. I will sleep and sleep and sleep some more. Oh, did I mention that tonight I had a night shift (got home about 9) and tomorrow I have to be at work at 6 for a morning shift? Yummy.

But Tuesday… Tuesday is coming…

9 thoughts on “Monday January 17, 2005

  1. grmfo18

    hey there… i have been awesome! God is workin in my life in so many ways and i’m soo excited!! it’s been amazing and this school i’m at has been such a blesssing! the friends i’ve made are so awesome and encouraging and i’m so pumped about this semester! I have indeed been readin my Bible and i also started reading Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. it’s awesome. yeah, so that’s pretty much all for now… how have you been? i usually read your site… but lately it’s been a lot of scary stuff… hehe, ohh… and playing with fire is awesome! i’m such a pyro… if you only knew! alright, well… talk to ya later… GOD BLESS!

  2. IceAngelGA

    “teh toady” huh… you musta been talking to my wonderful relative teh duckie. lol. And yes, you are a mess. A tired mess, but still a mess. Hopefully we’ll catch each other on IM one of these days… Have fun at work, and happy Robert E. Lee’s birthday to you! (no, it’s not MLK Day, it’s RE Lee’s bday-day!)

  3. FireFilled_Chick

    Well for you I would say be yourself but a little more calm. I would have to say that you have a tendency to be a little too wild. There is nothing wrong with being wild just do it without harming others.


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