Monday June 6, 2005

I went swimming today, after staying up way to late last night. It was cold. But fun anyway. I used Andrew’s goggles and went to the bottom I could only see a few feet, I think I could have seen a little further but the lenses were tinted and scratched. Went to Wal Mart (Evile Place) and they didn’t have my tires, and I bought a snorkeling kit, for the next time I go to the swimming hole. Sure I will look like a dork but hey

Edit: After reading I think that the Xbox 360 is really cool and I wonder if I have had West Nile Virus. 

8 thoughts on “Monday June 6, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    A lot of people have had the west nile virus and didn’t know it. Only old people really show the symptoms. And Steven- I’m not gonna ask.

  2. BlissfulDiscontent is the awesomest website ever!

    Someone should hold a contest to see who looks the most ridiculous and the best in snorkeling gear.

    I volunteer to be a judge.


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