Monday November 21, 2005

I about died yesterday. Died laughing that is…
Before Relient K came on the stage they played the beach boys in the back ground, and that was okay. But right before they come out, they started blaring this song. And no one realized what it was besides me… It was the theme to Full House. When I was younger I used to watch that show… It made me cry… Then they played it as part of their set…

7 thoughts on “Monday November 21, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    that is one disgusting centipede. 8-.
    yeshterday was the funnest!
    oh, and my mom was like, “those were some very nice boys. you could have gone to visit them in Sonora. I should trust your friend judgment more.” (that was the other reason I wasn’t able to go… hadn’t met you guys before…)
    here’s to next time!
    with the addition of one miriam.

  2. Liv2005

    I still need to go buy that alligator with the golf ball in it`s mouth 🙂 lol, j/k. The concert was totally fun, i`m glad u didn`t die laughing though. ttyl 🙂


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