6 thoughts on “Monday November 7, 2005

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    What song is that? There are more than one songs called Everything. Are you taking about the lifehouse one? Well thanks ssssoooo much for all the eprops. I felt much better. I even gave them a hug and read the card that says from your good friend Andrew. Yep like a bunch of roses they where to me. Hey are you one of the youth thats coming out to the Onething? I know kelly said she’s coming but dan hasn’t writen back and told me who all is coming. I hope you’re one of them. I need to see people again, you and everyone in my core group of friends. I’ve been a little lonely lately. Missing everyone ssssoooo much. I want to go visit or make you all come here and visit. Soon God, let it be soon. Amen. Twenty second prayers are fun. Mike Bickle says that we should pray like 20 second prays more than once a day because God likes those too. So I am. Ok my fever is making me ramble on. So I should stop. Oh yeah I’m sick by the way. Say a twenty second prayer for me. Or longer if you have the time. Both would help. Its just a cold but Its slows me down and makes doing school hard. Which I’m on a tight scedule (sp is wrong I can’t think)on. so I don’t have the time to spare. I feel the drugs coming on I’m going to go to sleep now. Drugs there very nice…..the legal kind. And I don’t overdose…don’t worry….I don’t do drugs everythings getting foggy so I’m really going now….


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