Saturday April 16, 2005

So here I am. Just sitting here. Bored out of my mind. I can’t watch a movie, I have seen them all too many times. I am not hungry, and plus eating when you are bored is bad. I played with my legos and made a cool little ship to fight with my other cool ship that I made a few days ago. I can’t talk on the phone cause there is no one to talk to, plus if I did, I would sound really funny. I can barely understand what I say since I lost my voice. I don’t want to play a computer game, nor a video game, they just don’t sound fun. I can’t work on ripping some of my cds to sonicstage, cause my cd-rom is being stupid. Is this some horrible type of loneliness? Speaking of sonicstage, it is evil and the only reason I use it is because my minidisk player uses it. Oh, which reminds me, I got a 1/8th to an 1/8th cord. *dances for joy and sings ‘no more klove, no more klove!’ over and over again* I need to get an iPod. iPod. Kind of a funny name. Kind of makes me think that it is a pod, and there is something in it. like an iPod is a case of some sort. I wonder how they got the name. Is it an acronom, standing for personal orginization device which they named the project back in the newton days? hmm… Isn’t kind of funny how apple is always on the cutting edge? Makes me kind of wonder about what will come after the iPod. Think back to when you were really little. Well, when I was really little. All the computers I ever saw were Apples or Macs. Then came Windows 3.1 and blam! All I see now are non-apples. So what is going to be the thing in the personal music transport player thing business that is going to do that to apple? Or is anything?  Wow. That is a long ramble about apple. Speaking of which, next friday I get to finally get to work with mine. I get to mock edit and take some footage. I was kind of hoping to work with Dan a little before and just get back in to the perspective of a videotographer. It is so much different that a normal photographer. A normal photographer works with colors, with light and shadow. A videotographer works with movement. I don’t know how much will carry over and how much will not. Grr. I hate my windows update thing, it is being annoying. Every five minutes or so it just pops up and askes me if i want to restart my computer now or later. Doesn’t get the hint that when I click later it means later I will restart my computer? Or does it think I will forget. Double Grr.
Well this took up some of my time, now I will go and clean up my legos.

3 thoughts on “Saturday April 16, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    I made a really cool lego castle once.  It’s at Julie’s house but I’ll have to take a picture of it.  As for the rest of your post, I tried to understand it but you lost me.

  2. IceAngelGA

    the mental picture of you sitting on the floor playing with legos (and my mind added a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk) was quite…. cute. Yeah. And funny. And apples are cutting edge, and face it- they’re just prettier than all the imitations. i made a video for you today; i will email it to josh on monday so he can upload it on the sexysony and let you see it. unless you know of a better way. have a happy weekend@


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