Saturday July 2, 2005

Edit: Yeah so I didn’t go swimming with steven, cause he skipped town on me. That jerk.

So now I live to see the movies Serenity and King Kong 

6 thoughts on “Saturday July 2, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    hey wanna know something interesting?
    I had this dream about you last night.
    and miriam showed up in it too.
    I would explain it all now, but it’s time for breakfast.

  2. IceAngelGA

    well… at least you’re living.

    the two women in that profile picture are my heroes.

    “What are you gonna need.. other than a miracle?”
    Neo: “Guns. Lots of Guns.”

  3. BrownEyedChica18

    i hope so!! mankato’s are fun but they’re not all that great, it’s just fun b/c the whole city pretty much goes to our state university and there’s a band concert (we have like the best marching band in the midwest) and then everyone crams onto the football field to watch them… but they’re still not all that amazing… we’re going to lake okoboji i think to watch them. ~suzy~

  4. la_rosa24

    That’s a lot to live for. I on the other hand am still holding my breath till I get to see Elizabethtown. And Andrew is right about the swimming thing, which means that you have sinned as well for not going.


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