Saturday July 23, 2005

I really like the lasso the bull banner ad. It is i guess harder than the others. Like the bite the pizza one. In the pizza one the pizza goes to the teeth where ever the are.

Today I went out on the boat. It was lodes of fun. I tubed, and tubed, and rested. Then tubed some more. I got a little sunburnt and maybe a little sore. I got a wedge from the tube too. I had to pick at it for a good minute to get it out. Enough being gross. Umm… I think I am done.

11 thoughts on “Saturday July 23, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    you didn’t tell me about the wedgie when you called. but i guess that’s what happens when you’re going 55 mph on a tube!!
    when stefani and i went to six flags white water there was this open water slide that was 9 stories straight drop- we rode that and you get a pretty major wedgie doing that one and all these guys sat around at the bottom of the ride watching people (mostly girls, i suppose) getting out with their wedgies. okay i will stop being gross now. i love you.


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