Saturday July 9, 2005

uggg… I am tired… So the last few nights I have been hanging out with the interns. They rock, but I haven’t been leaving Old Oak until eleven thirty or so, and it takes twenty five minutes to get home. And I need to be back at work at seven so I have only been getting somthing like six hours of sleep each night. This weekend is the college camp and it is really cool. The speaker is really good, and so is the worship. They have worship stations, and I have never been to a place that has worship stations. But I got home at somthing like one last night. I am going back for breakfast, and spend the day there. Tonight they are having a luau (sorry stef) and we actually have a pig. Kind of funny looking it is but that is just a dead pig. Well I need to go, love you all and pinecrest after church sounds good.

7 thoughts on “Saturday July 9, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    hey look…. it’s an ape version of “The Thinker”!
    yahoo… a luau… posers!
    hope you’re having fun; hopefully we’ll talk sometime soon and your computer won’t hate me any more.

  2. BrownEyedChica18

    yeah my car is pretty new i mean not brand new, i got it in November but it’s nothing major.. it’s either the starter going out or bad spark plugs.. Shouldn’t be too spendy.. and it runs fine, it just takes a long time to start.. like i have to hold it for a long time. ANYWAYS see ya later 🙂


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