Sunday June 19, 2005

So, here is an update. I am happy that comments are up, I just can’t read my old ones. But that is okay. I can live with that for a while. I took my first car to get crushed today. 🙁 but that is life… It was trying to kill me anyway. Um… ate dinner at steven’s house, good tacos, and the bug for dessert was to die from. I went and saw Batman at 2:10 with my intern friends, then went to walmart for the first time of the day. Had to run Andrew home to somehow find eight dollars. Went to walmart for the third time and Andrew finished paying for the awesomness. Came home, started updating xanga. After setting up the awesomeness on andrew’s computer, watched a little of superman. Went with andrew and Steven to Walmart for the second time to pick out the awesomeness, but andrew was about eight dollars short so we put it on layaway. Watched a little cops before eating at steven’s house. Finished posting.

Andrew’s thought of the day: “Computers are very personal objects. Each person has a different one. And you can tell a lot about a person by just looking at their desktop.”

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