Sunday May 15, 2005

Like Amy said. If it was my calling then maybe I wouldn’t mind my arms being cut off.
Well today was a good day. Church was good, and I really like what Pastor Dennis said. My fingers hurt and that was normal for not playing in a month. After church there was a luncheon. It was okay, but they raised a lot of money for the trip.
I got to hang out with Steven and he made me rent a bad game. It wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be. Josh and Andrew joined us and we went jumping on the trampoline. I didn’t get hurt this time. That is always a bonus.
I went shopping, got some stuff I needed for the house, a book, and finally those pictures I promised people after Mexico. I went food shopping and got so much stuff for just six dollars. It was grand. I think I saved 6 dollars with the club card, then I had about ten dollars on a gift card I had since christmas, and I payed six dollars. I got twenty-two dollars worth of groceries for six dollars.
So for dinner I ate some asparagus and some pot pies. yum.
Pooze out!

4 thoughts on “Sunday May 15, 2005

  1. Page_20_Four

    yeah when’s your birfday? i’ll try to clear it up so i can spend time with you. and btw, no one cares that you saved money on groceries. why don’t you try writing something interesting for a change?

    LOL ain’t i the sweetest little girl you ever did see? excuse me while i go scratch my head.

    btw (x2) i’m not on crack. just so you know.

  2. IceAngelGA


    I care that you saved money on groceries! That is a great housekeeping skill! you can buy all the groceries for us since you’re good like that.

    how did the birthday thing come up? but yeah, his birthday is in October.


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