Sunday September 11, 2005

So tomorrow is church and who knows what. Maybe God will show up and we will be in church worshiping all day and then I don’t have to figure out what to do after church cause it will simply be eating and sleeping. Monday I work, Tuesday I work, Wendsday I work, Thursday I work, Friday I work, Saturday I don’t work. Yay! Um… Oh, yeah, my cd came, and so far it is really good.

10 thoughts on “Sunday September 11, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    Apparently you didn’t get the notice about your site really freaking me out. Do I have to use reverse psychology or something? Ok. I love your site. Don’t change it.

  2. Evenfig

    Im kinda dreding the time when I geta job, I’m a very musical person and I want a
    Violin. But how am I going to have time to practice for 3 houres a day, plus a job, and ALL
    the other stuff I do? Oh well its life…..:/

  3. JoeVer

    hey bro if your looking for an adventure you can always come down to hollister. I have a spare bed in my house your free to use. it would be so awsome to see you. just let me know.

    Joey V hollister


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