Thursday June 30, 2005

So yesterday I saw a pile of someones belongings outside pak ‘n’ save. It was a bunch of boxes, a german shepard, and three surf boards.
Graphic post below.

So I was digging to day with a pick. A maddox I believe it is actually called. Has one of the pick ends flat like a shovel or axe. I was digging a hillside, digging it back about four feet. It is mostly rocks and dirt, with some bearshrub and roots running though it. I am next to the creek by the mine. I have been finding a few millipedes and since I don’t like them I put them in the creek and stick a rock over half of them so they can’t get out. I really don’t like them.
So I am picking along when I uncover a salamander. Now, I like salamanders but this one was rolling around alot. I thought it was because I may have hurt it when I moved some of the rocks. But it just kept spinning. I could see why, it was spinning too much. Then I saw what was making it spin, just past its neck, right at its collarbone, there was a hugh hole. Like its arm had been ripped off. But its arm was still there and I realized that I had hit it with the pick axe. Such sorrow and pity came over me that I quickly flipped the axe over and used the flat pick to put it out of its misery. I don’t tell you this to brag, I don’t tell you this to gross you out. I want to make clear the pain I felt by causing the salamander pain, the anger I felt after having to mercy kill it. The next millipede that I found I placed in the water and dropped a huge rock on it, killing it instanaly. Some how the millipede was reponsible for the pain the salamander suffered, and the pain that I suffered. I did find another salamader, unscathed, which I let swim in the creek. It was happy, and it made me happy.

13 thoughts on “Thursday June 30, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    tonight in class we were talking about bears… somebody shot a bear in alaska and it had the remains of two people inside of it. that made me think of you and thank God that you weren’t in alaska…. and that your bear didn’t come get you yesterday.

  2. so_d_e_e_p

    Haha right and on your last post you where listening to her CD. Tell the truth you still think she’s awsome. Or am I wrong have you found someone else?

  3. val_schulz_16

    that salamander story was very compelling. seriously.

    haha and why am i, o crap what word did you use……, insane? i don’t know, maybe its because i had a long discusion with myself on AIM about how i bought bubbles today at wal mart, how wal mart is 600% better than walgreens, how dolphins rock and how they beat up sharks with their noses, AND how odd i am for having conversations with myself.  πŸ™‚

  4. so_d_e_e_p

    AH thanks I feeel sssssssooooo special. Huh right…. so anyways at least you tormented me. I have to admit…I can’t believe I’m saying this…..I sorta miss it. Oh no what can of worms did I just open up.

  5. Ducky1

    how big are salamanders there?  are they really big?
    one time I was trying to help my friend trim her bird’s wings.  it flew out of the cage and crashed into a wall.  that broke it’s neck.  it flapped it’s wings all over the place and shook like crazy.  I picked it up and rubbed it’s back and neck and head as though that would make the spine realine.
    needless to say, the bird died.  in my hands.
    very traumatic.
    gah…. lol!

  6. Ducky1

    I just reread that.  I did not laugh after the bird died.  I was crying more than my friend was.  in fact, she wasn’t.  she went and got a plastic bag and threw the body in the trash.  I walked home.


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