Tuesday July 5, 2005

I will write a second post for day. I will say it is because I didn’t post on Sunday, but it is mostly because this morning’s post seems so long ago
We went to Cherry Lake. It was so beautiful, but so far away. The company was okay, but the weather was great. Long drive. Really long drive. It is like thirty miles from Tuolumne. The water was suprisingly warm. I am writing in short sentences cause i am tired. Got to tube, kneeboard, and wakeboard. fun fun fun. Um, went and ate at a mexican resturant, it was okay. but everyone was just getting upset and being really really picky. Well goodnight.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday July 5, 2005

  1. BlissfulDiscontent

    I am so sorry. Playing with fireworks and nearly getting yourself killed, no matter what time of year, is practically a tradition where I live. My friends usually go all out. The stories they tell……….


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