Tuesday June 28, 2005

So it has happened to me twice so far. I was listening to my cd player or minidisk and turned it off to hear what was on Air 1, and it was the same song as the one that I was listening to on my cd player or minidisk.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday June 28, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    You should run away. It’s fun…as long as you come back at some point. Then you really appreciate the things you had. Now I am going to call a truce (for the moment) to say that I appreciate you and all of my friends at home.

  2. amethyst10987

    haha, I have a lot for you to comment on . . . so instead of actually commenting on any of it, you just comment about commenting.

    And yeah, you have a lot to comment on too.


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