Wednesday August 3, 2005

Today is day 599. Add a seven and you have the last four digits of my phone number. Lets see. OH I watched the last part of Minnisota Cuke, it was funny. From what I got the whole thing was that some rogue canadian barrelmakers wanted to use samson’s brush to gain strength and take over both sides of Niagra Falls. Hmm and before that I got to hear this guy with the coolest voice sing. It was after the service and all the prayer, and he just got up there and sang some of his songs. He kind of sounded like the guy from Jars Of Clay and the guy who sings the song ‘we are hungry.’ I think that is it. For you who were wondering f.o.b. time is flat on back time. I just lay under a tree while the kids are taking a little nap and doing devos and stuff. Um… good night.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to tell you how much fun the little kids are. It makes me miss the gold camps. Oh and i also saw a funny skit and a missions video from Cambodia. And I soo said that I was going over there before the movie started.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday August 3, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    you are going to cambodia? that is pretty cool.
    i am jealous of you! you got to see minnesota cuke! i saw the synopsis for it and decided that i definitely had to see larry act like indiana. wow.


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