Wednesday December 21, 2005

[Post 2, the power went out right after I hit send. Due to the THUNDER and LIGHTING that is tearing up Tuolumne.]

Guess who is going to Bolivia?!?!

Not Me!!!!!

Yep, you heard right, I am not going to Bolivia unless something Godly happens. But enought of the sad stuff, we all know why people come to my site, it is the awesomeness of decembeard!

Yep, that is three weeks of growth on my face. I must say that I look plenty awesome with it.

That is it.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday December 21, 2005

  1. Evenfig

    Lol you where going to Bolivia?!?
    Umm nice beard, Knaythen keeps trying to grow one but after just like
    two days mom cant stand the scruffy look, and says he looks like a homeless person.
    Poor Knaythen.


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