Wednesday July 13, 2005

Oh, Xanga, I feel that I have been neglecting you. So to make it up to you, so our relationship won’t die, I will tell you about my day. The first part of my day was horrible. I had to empty the grease trap at work. This might be a little hard to explain but I will try my hardest. Since we have a septic system at work, we can’t but too much grease, oils, or fat in to the leech field. It would kill it, plug it up, cause it to explode or somthing bad like that. So there is this funny looking box under the kitchen that some how (i think it is voodoo) separtates the grease from the water waste and keeps it. Well the box gets full with this smelly, stinky, thick, oozy, rotten, chunky mess of lipids (bonus points for using that word) (double bonus points for remembering said word from biology). Well, it wasn’t that full, but the part that does something was something another and it was kind of overflowing. not that hard to fix. But, well no one ever really bothered with getting rid of the sickness completely, and the filled a whole stinking garbage can full of the gag inducing substance. So we had to fill up some small five gallon buckets with it and despose of it. It was cramped, smelly down there, and it was just plain gross. There were a few times that I almost lost it. I can’t describe it to you, the smell, the sound, the hatred I had for the fluid/solid. We ended up taking something like eighty gallons of it away. I felt sick for the rest of the morning. After lunch though, my day got a better. I helped out Kharis on the bike ride, and that made me really tired. I saw Sarah’s toe, and she could squeese it and make bubbles with it. That is really cool. Well, I think that is it for my day, except I finished my book.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday July 13, 2005

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    That does not sound like a nice day. I don’t know if I could have taken it. MAN that is one freeky profile pick. Yeah thats why I’m not a suffer. Why don’t you ever comment on my site anymore? Am I that unmissed that you don’t even want to stop for a “hey how you doing” or something. What up with that?

  2. so_d_e_e_p

    Oh my gosh I knew you where going to do that! I almost said and you better not give me a comment that says hey how you doing. Thats freeky. But I am doing great I am having a hard time with school but other wise good. You?

  3. Ducky1

    that’s what your shark is about to do.
    I like sharks. πŸ˜€
    I suppose I wouldn’t like them if they ate my leg.
    but I haven’t had that happen yet.
    aaaand… grease is the third grossest thing in the universe.
    good thing it was destroyed at the same time the earth was.
    what what.


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