Monthly Archives: December 2006

Monday December 25, 2006

I want to see that movie. Watch the trailer here.

Tomorrow I am going snowboarding. I am looking forward to that. I haven’t been snowboarding in a long time. I didn’t go last year. Oh the sadness! But I am going tomorrow. And Thursday too! With Steven! It will be awesome.

Well I am stuff full of vegetables and prime rib.

Edit: Okay, these ones too, but not Number 23:

The Last King Of Scotland

The Painted Veil

Sunday December 24, 2006

I haven’t seen any here. Except on the licensce plates. I have seen a lot of those scrolling markee signs and a whole lot of yellow signs.  They really should put that on their license plates. “Increadable signage.”

Coeur d’Alene (or how ever the heck you spell it) is kind of a nice town. Both big and small feeling with bad mexican food. Well… not great mexican food. I think this is the furthest I have had Mexican food away from Mexico.

My MacBook Pro rocks. I need to name it still. Any suggestions? Any good suggestions? I am in the middle of putting keywords on all my photos in iPhoto. That is going to take forever long. Everlong. I am trying to get the funtionality out of it that you can get out of Tags on Flickr. It does all the things that tags do, but well… Flickr makes it a whole lot easier to add and manage them.

It is rather late and I should go to bed.

Watch this:


Tuesday December 19, 2006

Was awesome! More reminisant of the old Penny hanging out days than the grandous-ness of graduations and other birthday parties. But it was all there: Katie, family, friends, food.

My MacBook Pro went from Shanghai to Anchorage. And from Anchorage to somewhere. I feel like a little kid, asking when is the pizza going to arrive. No one really knows, and asking doesn’t make the time go faster.

One of my coworkers got a Blackjack. It doesn’t do that cool thing that the commericals show… I tried. Maybe I just don’t do it well enough.

Well, here is this: