Tuesday December 19, 2006

Was awesome! More reminisant of the old Penny hanging out days than the grandous-ness of graduations and other birthday parties. But it was all there: Katie, family, friends, food.

My MacBook Pro went from Shanghai to Anchorage. And from Anchorage to somewhere. I feel like a little kid, asking when is the pizza going to arrive. No one really knows, and asking doesn’t make the time go faster.

One of my coworkers got a Blackjack. It doesn’t do that cool thing that the commericals show… I tried. Maybe I just don’t do it well enough.

Well, here is this:

4 thoughts on “Tuesday December 19, 2006

  1. Quintessence_217

    Yes, I realize the cost difference. But have you ever had to park at the very end of a Modesto parking lot and have to several miles in the rain just to get to bed bath and beyond? It makes you consider all the downfalls of conventional parking lots.


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