Friday June 2, 2006

Ah, a night of graduation and Andrew Lloyd Webber… Makes for a night of longing… Longing for love that inspires such great music, for music that inspires such love, and for a second chance. Oh I wish I didn’t spend my highschool years devloping my personality. What I wouldn’t give to go back knowing what I know now… Well..

Congrats, Steven and other.

5 thoughts on “Friday June 2, 2006

  1. BlissfulDiscontent

    If you just spent you’re high school years developing your personality, then yes, it was a waste. But if you also used them to develop friendships and a relationship with God, then they weren’t. I wouldn’t want to waste time and emotions on a relationship that had no God ordained future.
    The Phantom of the Opera was a great movie, and the music was definitely amazing. I loved it. It inspired me to listen to more opera, which I haven’t really…

  2. tranquilwater

    I just liked Christine’s hair. Nah the Phantom was really well done. Well written, too, of course. Now I know why my grandma always listened to the soundtrack on saturdays….


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