Friday June 9, 2006

Tomorrow I am going on a nightstrike. Funstuff. Spending the night in a hotel, and doing sidewalk sunday school the next day. Maybe having a little time to kickit around the city.

Sunday I want to go swimming after church. Who knows if I will.

Here are some cool pictures, taken today:
Rose and Bug


Dead Flower

A rose bush provides hours of entertainment.

9 thoughts on “Friday June 9, 2006

  1. crimson_gold

    That is too a neat bug, especially against the rose.  See, you didn’t need to go anywhere else to take pictures, photographer that you are found subjects nearby. 

  2. comefearlessly

    “A rose bush provides hours of entertainment”

    It does indeed. And you’ve got very pretty proof of that. Nice work Andrew. You know I think I like the bare stem (bottom right) pic the best. It gets me in a poetic mood for some reason. All the beauty that that stem once was the home off. But when the beautiful peddles fall away. The heart, the simple stem still has a way of capturing you. Beautiful…

  3. comefearlessly

    Hey do I have permission to take and use your pic for a post. I’ll make sure that I say you took it, don’t worry. But I’d like to make a sightly less boring post and I hope to use your pic as the spring board. Do you mind?

  4. Ducky1

    hey, so have you heard of a band called Soapbox Sympony?
    they’re from California and they played at my church tonight.
    and the bassist has crazy hair like yours was at one point (though, perhaps lighter) and totally reminded me of you. (how many times have I seen people that remind me of you? weird. it even weirds me out)
    but anyway, do you dance all over the place and go barefoot when you play your bass?
    if you do, then I say you might have some sort of twin.


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